Saturday, January 10, 2009

1/10/09 (Bryant Harden)

5:45 came very early! We headed to the ATL Airport and everyone seemed to get along well and conversations started like everyone already knew each other.

The plane took off and up we went. Obviously when the plane reached the clouds the windows were completely white, but at the peak it seemed I was looking at a whole new world. The clouds were the ground, making their own mountains and rivers.

We landed at Ronald Reagan Airport around 11:15 and headed to get the luggage.

When we left the airport we made our way around messing up the directions plenty of times just like normal tourists always do. The funniest part to me was the site of all 12 of us with all our luggage getting on the METRO and walking around looking for the hotel. At one point, I was trying to move my luggage around so people could walk around the METRO and I did not pay attention to the "doors are now closing" notice. I fell forward, not completely, but enough to get a few laughs.

Finally, the hotel was in sight and we got checked in.

Dr. Domin treated us all to a great lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. I ordered the shrimp and chicken tenders and a coke because the only tea they had was unsweetened and peach (definitely not in GA anymore). Well I drank a few kinda fast and WOW (Coke is filling), well the waiter forgot my baked potato and brought it when I was pretty much done and definitely full so I carried a baked potato around with me. (It was funny at the moment!)

A few of us decided to go to the National Mall and it started drizzling. Well we are all tough, of course, and decided to make the trip. The drizzle kept on (seemed like the drizzle got heavier)and made the 34 degrees temperature even worse. We made it to the National Mall, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the American History museum and went the the American Presidency section.

I am now back in the hotel room with pizza on the way and my potato on the balcony.

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