Monday, January 19, 2009

Serving the Military (Sam Vogel)

Today we went to RFK Stadium for a service project. When we got to the stadium we were filed into a line to fill out a form and get in a new line. Once we got into the stadium, we were seated in the stadium for a debriefing. I have never been to anything surrounding a campaign before so it was a fun experience. I learned all of the Obama chants and even got to participate in a few. Seeing everyone so excited to do service for a good cause. 

When we got inside the tent, there were different snake like lines set up. We packed  necessities for the troops like tooth paste and tooth brushes, as well as extra "luxuries" like notebooks and cologne. Putting together these packages for the troops was a very rewarding experience. I really enjoyed being able to take part in something that was for a greater cause. Even though I hope that our troops come home soon, I felt good and I felt like it was necessary to help them from over here. 

Even though it was a great experience, I though that we were going to be packing more things for the troops than we actually did. They gave us big bags and we didn't even get to fill them half way. Regardless, I really enjoyed the experience. I also felt that the organization was VERY well organized. They organized thousands of people in many different stations amazingly. 

My favorite part of the service opportunity was being able to write letters to the troops. I felt that this helped me connect on a more personal level to the men and women serving our country that will receive these care packages. 

Together, Mercer University helped pack about 100 care packages for US troops! 

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